Attention Deficit Disorder.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Anger Management
A system for enabling pupils to manage their anger more appropriately.

Assertive Discipline
A specific system of positive reinforcement using rewards and sanctions to modify behaviour.

Behaviour Modelling
Behaving in the way in which you expect your pupils to behave.

Behaviour Monitoring
A system of positive recoding, categorising and target setting.

Behaviour Rehearsal
Practising the required skills.

Circle of Friends
A peer support system for vulnerable pupils.

Circle Time
A listening system aimed at improving the self esteem of all involved.

Conflict Resolution
Programmes aimed at pupils managing disagreements more appropriately.

Golden Time
A reward system which can be part of, or separate from, a whole school circle time system.

A system whereby a pupil is supported by another pupil (peer mentor) or adult.

Peer Mediation
A support system for pupils to use with one another to resolve perceived difficulties.

Self Esteem
The value that a person attaches to themselves.

Being able to put things, act or recall events in a logical order.